Ratings over Integrity

November 15, 2015
Where do we get our world news from? Do we ever ask ourselves the intention behind what we are viewing? Do we ever consider the invested interest that twists stories and tragedies? We aren’t little puppets clapping and crawling at whatever the big man on the news smiles and says, we see through it, well only if we are shown.

Let’s ask ourselves; should we fuel our minds with globalised opinions from large corporations with invested interests (military, food, medicine funding) or should we view independent organisations made up of individuals of integrity and passion for change?

We need to be careful with what we read/view/absorb. Humans by nature fall victim to ‘if I see it, it’s true’. But we all know how easy it is to act, read a script, twist words and imagery to get an alternative view…. So when watching the news or reading an article online, think to yourself, ‘Does this person do what they do to get better ratings? More views? Praise? Or do they stand against all forms of social approval and speak from a place of utter passion and purpose?

As of late, each morning I get my world news from this source AntiMedia, I find the authors and articles of substance and integrity. I respect the authors for their ability to speak against a lot of mass approval.

This article posted today ‘America: Your Solidarity with Paris is Embarrassingly Misguided’ depicted – in my opinion – the exact type of Western bias so many of us can’t see through.

Where we choose to obtain information around world events should not come from sources funded largely by the very corporations inflicted in these tragedies. For example, in regards to war in general, why would we ever hear of something unfair/unjust about the American Military from a news source funded by the American Military?

Invested interest is so very real and so not cool.

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