Most people won’t discover the real person I am trying to be

Please don’t tell me to change

I feel lost and betrayed by my own interpretation of life

Make me feel alive for the first time

I want to leave all these regrets behind, destroy the vulnerability I created all these years

Come on,  I deserve some kind of freedom

I want to feel the beating of my heart until I die

Don’t make me fall into the same pattern I despise

Take away the pain of yesterday before I fail to do so

I need my dreams to become reality

Let me have this small piece of happiness

Thoughts won’t describe how I feel

Thoughts won’t matter when I scream

I am not alive

Make me jump over the edge

Make me turn on the lights

Make me feel what I have never felt before

Shoot me with adrenaline pumping in my veins














This is the beginning of the end

It’s time to start over

It’s time to take full responsibility

for my actions

for my life

for everything I want to achieve


img_9777Just for once, I put the blame on you after all the things I went through

Just for once, Iam going to hold you responsible for my pain

Just for once, Iam going to scream out all of my rage

Just for once, it is going to be you who made a mistake

Just for once, there will be no turning back


You are the one who brought me into this.

I am feeling lost and betrayed by my own thoughts.

You pushed me over the edge to get your own pleasure out of it.

Don’t try to hide it, because it’s all written on your face.

Leaving me feeling dirty, that’s what you did.