I feel and know it at the same time

This is the beginning of the end

The time to start over 

It’s time to take responsabilities

for my actions

for my life

for everything I need to achieve



img_9777Just for once, I put the blame on you after all the things I went through

Just for once, Iam going to hold you responsible for my pain

Just for once, Iam going to scream out all of my rage

Just for once, it is going to be you who made a mistake

Just for once, there will be no turning back


You are the one who brought me into this.

I am feeling lost and betrayed by my own thoughts.

You pushed me over the edge to get your own pleasure out of it.

Don’t try to hide it, because it’s all written on your face.

Leaving me feeling dirty, that’s what you did.

I’m the one…. RIP to my youth

I’m the one who was looking at you with those crazy sad eyes.

I’m the one who was watching you in those corners where you couldn’t see me.

I’m the one who tried to turn its face away every time I felt your eyes looking at me.

I’m the one who has always hoped to get to know you since having seen your fucking beautiful face for the very first time.

I’m the one who fell in love with your presence and beautiful smile, although you never actually directed it to me.

But, I’m also the one who knows that you’ll never be mine.